Our Story


Hi, I'm Wayne Lesser


 I am a hearing impaired person and the founder of lessersound™.  I was born into a world of lesser sound. I want more safe sound, for less cost for more people worldwide. Others in our world have entered the world of lesser sound over time through aging or otherwise.  We are Hearing Impaired People. We are H-I-P.

Millions more of us each year all over the world on every continent and in every country are or will become H-I-P. Being H-I-P is a human condition. No matter where you live, we H-I-P share a common understanding and bond. lessersound™ was created by H-I-P for H-I-P and their families to bring more safe sound into H-I-P lives for less cost, for more people, worldwide, We know who you are, where you are, and feel your experiences deeply and personally because we are and have been there. We are you and you are us. 

Through the lessersound ™ website, with our friends and partners, we intend to become the number one source of general information and resource for advocacy on the causes, treatment and prevention of hearing loss. Our vision is simple and straightforward:  More safe sound for less cost for more people worldwide. lessersound™ believes that it is intolerable for H-I-P to go without adequate care or access to affordable resources and products and for H-A-R-P to enter the future in ignorance of the risk of harm caused by unsafe sound. In essence, our goals of innovation, integrity, maximizing potential of the individual and minimizing harmful sound risks, and shared prosperity, is a better way to improve our global society.

We believe that environmental noise is an ever increasing problem in our human society worldwide, Since 1971 it has been estimated that occupational hearing hearing loss compensation exceeds 20 billion dollars and makes occupational hearing loss one of the most significant health hazards in today’s workplace. That study was done in 1994. Today it is much much higher and the number of people and their families and businesses who have suffered are much greater. lessersound is now in pre-development to offer cost effective products, to  make rational profits, and build market share through increased exposure, and volume sales , leading to the creation of brand loyalty.” More safe sound for less cost for more people worldwide”.

lessersound™ intends to develop a family of products to fill those goals from the point of view of what is best for the ultimate consumer, H-I-P and H-A-R-P, you and me.