Wayne as a Motivational Speaker

Wayne Lesser is available for speaking engagements

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Wayne Lesser is an INSPIRING speaker on hearing loss and draws on a lifetime of experiences as a H-I-P since birth.

The story on how he overcame obstacles as an attorney who never wore hearing aids to finally accepting hearing loss is both mesmerizing and motivational at the same time, especially to those who are H-I-P, DEF or HOH.

He can easily encourage people who are born into the lessersound world and educate anyone who wishes to learn more on hearing loss.

Funny, empathetic and real are just a few words to describe him.  Wayne is ready to make anyone smile in an otherwise challenging situation and he will definitely change your life!


Open to speaking engagements and talks in:

·       Retirement Communities

·       Schools for students of all ages

·       Audiology Offices

·       Senior Centers

·       Houses of worship (Churches and Synagogues)

·       Community Centers

·       Hospitals – to train staff, ENTs and nurses on H-I-P patients

·       Audiology Schools and Universities

·       Police and Fire Departments

·       Any other organization who serves the Hearing community

·       Multiple HLAA functions all over the Bay Area—including Silicon Valley, East Bay, Marin and San Francisco.

 To book Wayne Lesser as a motivation speaker, please contact Jeannine Lewis at jeannine@lessersound.com